On the Road Again: 2015 Appearance Schedule

Considering all of the trails that I have walked, sometimes it’s easy to forget how important to tell people where you are going.

That holds true for all the conventions and workshops I’m going to this year—places where you can track me down, talk with me, get a book signed.  I will be on the road a lot all year, all over the country…even to Australia and Puerto Rico.

In order to see the most fans possible, I will be appearing at a lot of large pop-culture shows, which have been very successful for us in the past year. Rebecca will be attending some of these with me, and others will feature some of my author friends. If you have not met up with us at an event, our “island of awesome authors” booth is quite an experience from all sides. This year, some of the authors joining me at the table will be Dan Wells, Jody Lynn Nye, Larry Correia, Peter Orullian, David Farland, Peter S. Beagle, Peter Wacks, Cat Rambo, and others still in the works. For me it is a wonderful chance to meet and interact with everyone from across the country.

And Rebecca and I will be teaching some workshops, presenting awards at Writers of the Future, and even touring Australia with Nathan Fillion as part of the gang for Supanova.

This is not a complete list, but it’s what we know now on the calendar. I’ll update it as more shows come on board.


February 27–March 1
Pensacon (Pensacola, FL)
(also with Jody Lynn Nye, Dan Wells, Peter J Wacks, David Butler)

March 4–7
Lincoln City Oregon
Instructors, WMG anthology workshop
(with Rebecca Moesta)

March 13-15
Planet Comicon
Kansas City, MO
(with Dan Wells, David Butler, Peter J Wacks)

March 27-29, 2014
Emerald City Comicon
Seattle WA
(with Rebecca Moesta, Dan Wells, Cat Rambo, Peter Orullian, Ramon Terrell, Peter J Wacks)

April 3–5
Anaheim, CA
(with Rebecca Moesta)

April 9-12
Writers of the Future Awards and workshop
(with Rebecca Moesta)

and, looking farther ahead…

June 18-30
Supanova, Australia
Sydney and Perth
(with Rebecca Moesta)

September 3-7
DragonCon, Atlanta
(with Rebecca Moesta)