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Myths and Legends Fantasy

Dragons! Swords! Magic and wizards! I’ve curated a new storybundle that’s packed with all the legendary wonder you’ve come to expect from your favorite fantasy novels. The Myths and Legends Storybundle

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Grand Canyon $kywalk Experience

My parents live in Kingman, AZ, and when Rebecca and I visit, we fly into Las Vegas, rent a car, and make the 2-hr drive to Kingman. Along the way, near the town of Dolan Springs, is a big billboard to “Exit Here for the Grand Canyon Skywalk”—a breathtaking glass-bottomed walkway that extends out over the canyon, so you can look down between your feet 4000 ft to the bottom of the canyon.

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NAUGHTY & NICE—Free Dan Shamble Holiday Story

To continue celebrating the release of the new Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. novel, TASTES LIKE CHICKEN, I’m posting another free Shamble story, just in time for the holidays.

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WordFire Press Super Showcase storybundle

Dan Shamble TASTES LIKE CHICKEN sneak preview, Chapter One

At long last, the zombie detective is back for his most fowl case yet! TASTES LIKE CHICKEN comes out tomorrow (Dec 1), but to get you started, here’s the first chapter!

You can order now in hardcover, trade paperback, or all eBook formats.


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Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. ROAD KILL—free story

Only a few more days to the release of TASTES LIKE CHICKEN, the first new Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. novel in more than two years! I hope you’re excited as I am. Here’s a Dan Shamble story, “Road Kill,” which tells of Dan’s first encounter with the Hemoglobin Gang, who are main villains in TASTES LIKE CHICKEN.

Sorry you missed the free week of the story, but if you still want your copy, you can support the author by downloading for 99¢ at the links below.

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Being a Dictator

Now that Nanowrimo is nearing its end, I’ll repost this article about my technique of dictating my writing. A lot of people ask about it, and I’ve given many talks, even played some sample chapters to interested listeners. I’ve been writing while walking, talking into my recorder for years. Here’s a full description.

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Superstars Writing Seminar Scholarship Winners

Every year, Superstars presents the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship to worthy applicants who want to come to the Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs, a pro-level business-oriented seminar on the business and on building your writing career.

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Brand Identity

When I started my career with traditionally published novels, my editors and publicists encouraged me to make sure I mentioned the publisher whenever I talked in interviews and panels. I would promote my novels and proudly announce that it was “from Signet Books” or “from Bantam Books” or HarperCollins, or Warner, or Tor. I would print up my own postcards and bookmarks, sometimes even take out ads in publications. Once, I was roundly criticized for forgetting to put a publisher’s logo on the back of a postcard (that I paid for out of my own pocket).

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Getting Away from It All

As the weather turns colder and hiking season wraps up, it’s time for some reflection and nostalgia.

I have been on some truly epic adventures and vacations, but simply “getting away from it all” to recharge the creative batteries doesn’t always need to be an ambitious, expensive, and time-consuming project.

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