Frank Herbert's Birthday

Today would've been Frank Herbert's 91st birthday. May Shai-hulud be guiding him....

Dune Booth Has Amazing Presence at ComiCon

2011 represented the first year for DUNE novels at ComiCon, and what a year it was! So many people, fans, and ComiCon professionals commented on the beautiful booth that we will probably have a regular presence at ComiCon from now on. The funniest thing was hearing all of the people swing by the booth and say, "Dune! I grew up with those books!"

Fans new and old were amazed at our presence and the professional appearance of the DUNE booth. Nowhere ever (that we're aware of) have so many Dune titles been shown and available to book readers.

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Dune Novels at ComiCon

Dune Novels will be at booth space #1318 this year at ComiCon. Come by for some Dune freebies, to buy books, or to just hang out with fans and friends. Hope to see you all there!

When: July 21st through July 24th.
Where: ComiCon, San Diego Convention Center, Booth #1318


THE SISTERHOOD OF DUNE official release date: March 2012.

E-Books Galore!

WordFire and Dune Novels have joined forces to bring you some new e-content. We're still building it, but watch for MANY new e-offerings in the very near future (plenty of Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert and some never before seen Frank Herbert works) coming your way!

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