July 2011

STAR CHALLENGERS on the Space Shuttle

We’ve finally received word from NASA, and now we can announce that our first two Star Challengers novels, MOONBASE CRISIS and SPACE-STATION CRISIS were flown aboard the previous Space Shuttle flight—the 25th and final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Due to weight restrictions, both books were flown in digital form on a WordFire flashdrive. They circled the Earth from May 16–June 1.

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New Redesign of HUNTERS OF DUNE paperback

Tor continues to release the new DUNE novels with revamped paperback covers, still using the original Stephen Youll art.  Next up is HUNTERS OF DUNE. Stephen is simply one of the best cover artists out there.

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More Titles Released by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, Bill Ransom

We continue to bring back into print classic and long-unavailable works in all eBook formats, all for under $5 US, available worldwide.  Three new titles are now available from WordFire Press:

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EBooks: The Price Is Right…or Is It?

When you walk into a US bookstore to pick up a paperback, you expect to pay between $7.99 and $9.99.  If you buy a hefty new-release hardcover, which looks admittedly impressive on the library shelf, you’ll pay between $25 to $35.  Books are more expensive in Canada, the UK, and Australia; even so, customers know about what to expect to pay.

However, when you go online to buy an eBook novel by your favorite author, or a new author you’d like to try, the price varies wildly, like a racecar driver swerving and skidding out of control on a patch of black ice.

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Are You Listening? Audible.com’s KJA audiobook library

I have been a listener of audiobooks for many years, and I enjoy having a good novel with me, playing on my car stereo whenever I go off on my hikes. Listening to verbal storytelling seems natural to me—no surprise, since I write by dictating into a recorder.

Audible.com has just released a new batch of audiobook versions of some of my classic novels, all read by Jim Meskimen. These are my favorites of my backlist novels, and I’m grateful that audible has brought them out.

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Got Spare Time? New Titles Available

Working through the library, we have made more titles available in all eReader formats. ALTERNITECH is a sequence of intertwined alternate-timeline stories all centered around the future corporation of Alternitech.  It has never previously appeared in standalone book form.

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Creating My Own American Dream

For the Fourth of July, some reminiscences about how I followed my dreams and never gave up wanting to become a writer.

Recurring Dreams

I was always certain I would be a writer. While friends talked about wanting to become astronauts or firemen or even the President (yes, it was a long time ago), I knew from age five that I wanted to write stories for a living.

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