September 2015

Guest Blog: SEEDS of disaster from Chris Mandeville

Readers asked, so I answer: how my debut novel SEEDS came to be

My inspiration for Seeds was two-fold: a “practical” inspiration and a creative one, but not in the order you might expect. The seed for both came in the form of a phone call that woke me from a dead sleep.

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WorldCon/Sasquan Report

As Rebecca and I gather our books, materials, and clean clothes for DragonCon this weekend, I realize I never posted pics and a summary of the recent Worldcon.

Here, just the highlights. Our WordFire team had driven up ahead of time and set up our great booth in the Dealer’s Room, and they did a big book release part for our new edition of THE OUTPOST by Mike Resnick. Rebecca and I didn’t arrive until the next day, to the sharp smell of smoke in the air from the forest fires.

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