September 2015

Superstars 2015 Audios Now Available—as well as the whole shebang!


For those of you who couldn’t attend the Superstars Writing Seminar in person, you can now listen to all the lectures and workshops, and experience the seminar vicariously. The complete set of 20 lectures over the three-day workshop is now available in MP3 files for $350. You won’t get the networking and the connections from the seminar, but you will get the knowledge

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DragonCon and Rose City Comic Con


As you can see, I am falling behind. Catching up on my cons!

With all the traveling and shows I do, you might think they all blur together—but each convention has its own distinctive character and special memories.

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All right, I publish a lot of books. I love to write, I love to tell stories, and it seems I always have some new novel out.

This one is special.

I’m not kidding when I say that of my 130 books so far, I really believe CLOCKWORK LIVES is one of my very best. It’s a novel where all the pieces fit together just perfectly, that throughout the writing I felt that I was achieving my best work, every single day. Yes, I’m proud of it.

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Anniversar-Week Festivities: The Full Rundown

September 14 was our 24th anniversary, two dozen years of being married to the wonderful, beautiful, and talented Rebecca Moesta. And as with previous years, instead of doing one “big” thing, we make a whole week out of it, writing up a bucket-list of activities and special things we’d like to do.

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The Loss of a Dear Friend, Deb Ray

It’s taken me more than two weeks to write this. On Friday, September 4, Rebecca and I lost one of our closest friends, Deb Ray, after a very long battle with cancer.


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Artist Nick Robles, who did such a fantastic job on CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Graphic Novel, has done thirteen amazing line drawings for the new novel, CLOCKWORK LIVES (as in, plural of “Life”).  ECW Press will release the book next week, and they have been revealing the art, one day at a time.


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Guest blog: Bruce Taylor on STORMWORLD

STORMWORLD, written by Brian Herbert and myself, was begun on 9/11.  Indeed it was frightening and apalling to watch the trade towers explode and crumble into billowing clouds of flame, smoke and ash.

Such a disaster.  But in context to the book we began that morning, STORMWORLD, in retrospect, reflects upon the question of what the greater disaster?  That? Or the (recently revised) 70,000 who died in the heat wave the broiled France in 2003? Or the 58,000 Russians who died from stiffling heat and suffocating smoke from burning peat bogs around Moscow several years back?

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Guest blog from Brian Herbert: when the OCEAN fights back

One day several years ago, my wife Jan returned from a trip to Hawaii, and she had an idea for a novel that was simple yet large in scope—as many great ideas are—a story about problems in the ocean that she’d been wanting to write for years.
I spent some time brainstorming with her, and in a spiral notebook I mad
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Painting Social Media Red for CLOCKWORK LIVES

Hoping we can add a splash of something interesting on your Facebook and Twitter feeds for the upcoming release of CLOCKWORK LIVES on September 15.

As I’ve said before (incessantly, some might call it), I am really very pleased with this book. It’s a gorgeous volume, and I think some of the best storytelling I’ve done. Neil Peart called it the best thing of mine he’s ever read (and he’s read quite a lot)

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Guest blog: Disasters! DRAGON VIRUS by Laura Anne Gilman

When Kevin Anderson approached me about being part of the Storybundle for his Disasters collection, I was surprised – because I’d never thought of DRAGON VIRUS in that way before. I mean, disaster books are action-adventure stories, as a rule. DRAGON VIRUS has action, and it has adventure, and courage and tragedy and all that, but…a disaster story?

Well, yes.  Once I’d thought about it, yes.

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