Anniversar-Week Festivities: The Full Rundown

September 14 was our 24th anniversary, two dozen years of being married to the wonderful, beautiful, and talented Rebecca Moesta. And as with previous years, instead of doing one “big” thing, we make a whole week out of it, writing up a bucket-list of activities and special things we’d like to do.


On the Saturday before, we had a big party at our house, inviting about 30 friends over for a “movie night” (which really means a movie playing in the background, while everybody pretty much just talks to one another). The main excuse for the get-together was to celebrate the birthday of Peter Wacks, our WordFire Press Managing Editor (but Reb and I decided we wanted to have all he friends over as part of anniversar-week anyway). I even baked a turkey for Peter’s birthday.


For another night, we fixed one of our special meals, a “love feast” of little finger foods, cheese, fruits, meats, caviar and crackers, and then we topped it all off by watching Mad Max: Fury Road (it was Rebecca’s choice, really.)


On our actual anniversary, we spent the day out at Glenwood Springs in the mountains, first touring Glenwood Caverns and then soaking in the hot springs, a brand new facility that was top notch.

IMG_5015 IMG_4998 IMG_4993 IMG_5022 IMG_5024 IMG_5023

Another night we went out to see the new MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie and had a fondue dinner at the Melting Po. Another night we went out to our favorite Moroccan restaurant, with the kids and grandkids, and grandsons Harrison and Xavier were particularly confused and then thrilled. “You mean we sit on the floor and eat with our hands?”

IMG_5026 IMG_5029

Because I had to head off for Rose City Comic Con, we still have to schedule two more anniversar-week events, a tour of Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, and then a microbrewery pub crawl for me. But we’ll find a way to fit them in…and then start thinking up our list for next year.