CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The *Graphic* Novel

If you’ve looked at the hardcover of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, or seen the images from the Rush “Clockwork Angels” tour, you know how lavish and visually interesting the story and the world is. So it was natural to think about a graphic novel adaptation as well.  BOOM! Studios, one of the largest comics publishers in the US, will be releasing CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Graphic Novel in six beautiful issues, scripted by me, beginning next April, simultaneous with the trade paperback release of the novel from ECW.

Even before the novel was published, at San Diego Comic Con (July 2012) I talked about the idea with several of the comics publishers I had worked with. I received a lot of interest, but when I mentioned the project to Ross Ritchie, the owner and publisher of BOOM!, his response was so extraordinarily enthusiastic that I knew we had found the right home.  I showed him color photocopies of Hugh Syme’s artwork and gave him a black-and-white Advance Reading Copy of the novel.  We were set.

Timing was the next challenge, allowing us the right amount of time to do a good job on the scripts and art, while not tripping over the Rush tour schedule or the novel release.  But now I can finally spill the beans.

I completed the first script (written during my trip to Poland last week), and Neil and I have approved an artist suggested by BOOM! but we’re awaiting specific samples and a “test page” before we can officially announce who it is.  Throughout the text of the novel, I sprinkled numerous Easter Eggs from Rush lyrics, and we already plan to do a similar thing with *visual* Easter Eggs throughout the comic art.

I will show off pieces whenever I can.