Congratulations to Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

I just finished judging the eight finalist stories for the third quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest. I came home from my recent writing retreat in Breckenridge to find a stack of manuscripts waiting for me to read, and I worked my way through them, one or two per day.

I’ve been a judge in the Contest since 1996, and I usually read the finalist stories one or two quarters each year. I don’t know who the authors are, I don’t even know which of my fellow judges are reading those particular stories. I have to say that this is one of the best batches of Finalists I’ve ever judged (and, honestly, one of the stories is I believe the best piece I have ever seen in the Contest).  I felt that seven of the eight stories were definitely award-worthy, and even the eighth one was certainly good.

I want to express my congratulations to the three winners

1st Place: Leena Likitalo of Helsinki, Finland for the story “Giants at the End of the World”
2nd Place: Shauna O’Meara of Canberra, Australia for the story “Beneath the Surface of Two Kills”
3rd Place: Paul Eckheart of Bountiful, Utah for the story “Shifter”

I look forward to meeting you in person at the Writers of the Future workshop and Awards ceremony in Hollywood in April 2014.

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