DragonCon and Rose City Comic Con


As you can see, I am falling behind. Catching up on my cons!

With all the traveling and shows I do, you might think they all blur together—but each convention has its own distinctive character and special memories.

DragonCon, held in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, is probably my favorite convention of the year, every year. Rebecca and I counted, and we’ve now been to 21 DragonCons. On the flight in, traveling with Peter Wacks, we also found Timothy Zahn sitting just behind us. (All three of us are writing for the new HEROES REBORN TV show.) I was on several big panels on science fiction, Star Wars, writing, and publishing.


Timothy Zahn, Peter J. Wacks, KJA


Clockwork fans!

Our WordFire booth had our most successful show to date, featuring myself and Rebecca as well as guest authors Carrie Vaughn (courtesy of Tor Books), Larry Correia (courtesy of Baen Books), Jody Lynn Nye, Jonathan Maberry, Mike Resnick, Peter Wacks, Josh Vogt, Quincy J. Allen, and a lot of wonderful helpers from among the WordFire crew. SF author Peter F Hamilton (the DragonCon guest of honor) also stopped by to chat…and got mobbed by fans for half an hour. We debuted my new novel CLOCKWORK LIVES—a magnificent example of the art of book-making—which the publisher ECW allowed us to sell a week before actual release. We had brought 60 copies for the four-day show, but sold out in a little more than 24 hours.

IMG_4946 IMG_4948

with Carrie Vaughn and Larry Correia

The DragonCon parade was an amazing event, as usual. The banquet was particularly moving, in which Nichelle Nichols received an award, handed to her by Congressman John Lewis.     And as a special treat, I got to meet Carroll Spinney, the real Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. We went to a lot of parties, had meals with friends and editors (sometimes they fit in both categories) and had a great time, as always.


DragonCon Parade


With Ivy Cosplay


Jonathan Maberry and Jody Lynn Nye


with Peter F. Hamilton


with Mike Resnick


Carroll Spinney—the real Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch!


Nichelle Nichols receives a plaque from Congressman John LewisIMG_4974

Magnificent Men of Fantasy—John Ringo, KJA, AJ Hartley, token non-male Nancy Knight, Jim Butcher, and Jack McDevitt


The audience for Magnificent Men of Fantasy

Two weeks later, I was off to Portland, OR, for Rose City Comic Con, a much smaller show with only 30,000 attendees, but which is growing significantly. For our WordFire booth there, Larry Correia, Josh Vogt, and Peter Wacks rejoined us, and we also featured David Farland, Peter Orullian, Ken Scholes, Cat Rambo, DJ Butler, RJ Terrell, JR Boyett, and the incredible painting-on-metal artwork of Jeff Sturgeon.

IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5038

Jeff Sturgeon and his wonderful art!

IMG_5040 IMG_5043 IMG_5045

Peter Orullian!

IMG_5050 IMG_5054

Ken Scholes and Cat Rambo


showing off Clockwork Lives!

On Saturday night we hosted a very well attended book-release party for the new DANDY BOYS MYSTERIES by Peter J. Wacks and JR Boyett. On Sunday, Allyson Longueira from WMG Publishing joined us for breakfast (and to talk business and swap advice), then she hung out with us for much of the day, before she gave Peter and me a ride to the airport. I had all of two days at home before heading out to Salt Lake City for Salt Lake Comic Con.

But that will be in another report.