FAR AND NEAR—Neil Peart 2014 calendar

As January 1 approaches,  many people are making Resolutions…but *everybody* needs a new calendar.

For years now, my friend Neil Peart (Rush drummer and lyricist) and I have each produced—and exchanged—an annual calendar filled with our own photos and stories. It’s a special treat for our fans and colleagues, and each year we try to raise the bar a little higher in an attempt to “out-snazz” each other.  Neil just released his new FAR AND NEAR calendar filled with photos of his motorcycle journeys over the past year, mostly during the Clockwork Angels tour.  You can order your copy at neilpeart.net.

For my own 2014 calendar, my brother-in-law and hiking partner Tim put together photos and stories about our wilderness adventures. This one contains some of our most spectacular images yet of the Colorado wilderness.  Order a signed copy by clicking on the buy button to the left. Price includes shipping.  After all, every household needs at least TWO calendars…