Free Unpublished Chapters from HELLHOLE

When editing and revising HELLHOLE, Brian Herbert and I decided to cut out two chapters—an entire side-storyline detailing the Children of Amadin, the splinter religious group that goes off to found their own isolated settlement.  In the published novel, readers never learned what happened to Lujah Carey and his followers.

Brian and I have made those two unpublished chapters available to fans, along with an analysis and explanation of why we decided to cut them.  We’ll eventually put them up for sale for Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers, but for the next few weeks you can download them for free on the homepage at  Fill in the fields and include your email address in the FREE STUFF box, and we’ll email you the pdf of the chapters and the essay.

(Note, even if you’re already on the mailing list, go ahead and fill in the fields; we’ll be streamlining the process for our next freebie, but for now this is the most straightforward way.)

For context, it’s best if you’ve read HELLHOLE before looking at these deleted scenes.