Guest blog: Bruce Taylor on STORMWORLD

STORMWORLD, written by Brian Herbert and myself, was begun on 9/11.  Indeed it was frightening and apalling to watch the trade towers explode and crumble into billowing clouds of flame, smoke and ash.

Such a disaster.  But in context to the book we began that morning, STORMWORLD, in retrospect, reflects upon the question of what the greater disaster?  That? Or the (recently revised) 70,000 who died in the heat wave the broiled France in 2003? Or the 58,000 Russians who died from stiffling heat and suffocating smoke from burning peat bogs around Moscow several years back?


     Climate disasters are mounting and back in 2001, after something of a fruitless search of the subject in the American mass media, I stumbled on the BBC website and read, in shock, story after story of climate horrors that had either been under reported or not reported at all in the American press. How much we weren’t told then and how much we are not told now (to TRULY understand what it is we face, try going to

But with this information, I felt we were on solid ground as we depicted what the world might look like in the year 2019, as men and women in the Cascade Seed Repository fought hunger and interpersonal turmoil in effort to protect a world’s cache of seeds from the raw elements of weather and marauding, starving people.

Little did Brian and I know, at least as far as the accuracy of getting the extreme weather events at play as well as the potential politics, how much  the story now reads more like a documentary rather than fiction, and the world of 2019 looks an awful lot like the world of–today.

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