Hitting the Half Century Mark

Yesterday I hit 50, and had a terrific (and exhausting) day.  Even more surprisingly, I actually took the day off from writing!

Tallying up some numbers (time for a retrospective, I suppose): I’ve published 113 books, so that averages out to 2.3 novels per year from the time I was born (although the first few years weren’t very productive).

On my birthday eve, I went out to OMally’s Pub (great beer and best chicken wings ever) with brothers-in-law Tim and Scott and nephew-in-law (?) Joe. Then on my birthday morning, we all went out for breakfast at my favorite local diner, and we were off for a fun and beautiful hike along an old railroad grade through a great canyon.

After the hike, we went out to lunch at my favorite barbecue joint, and then I finally had a chance to go see JOHN CARTER.  (Enjoyed it, colorful, entertaining, not a masterpiece, but certainly worth watching.)  Then, for the evening, we had my official party at the Pikes Peak Brewery…about 50 people attended, authors, friends, relatives. All in all, I had a very fun and satisfying day.

David Boop, Kevin J. Anderson, Alan Lickiss

Maren Jones Thompson, Jane Jones, Louise Moesta, Sarah Thompson

Harrison’s birthday was March 17, so we’re close…except I’m 25 times
as old as he is!

Dan Hoyt, Rebecca Moesta, Anj Pettigrew

David and Diann Wacks, Rebecca Lickiss

That’s a lot of foam!

Jake Jacobs in front, then Nick Jacobs, then Jonathan and Jessica.

with Mike Baron