Hollywood, Yuri Gagarin, and Writers of the Future

Last weekend, Rebecca and I flew to Hollywood for the Writers of the Future workshop and awards.  We spent a lot of time talking with the prize-winning writers and artists, and gave a full two-hour workshop on professionalism and managing a writing career.

On the first night, we went out to dinner with Dr. Harry Kloor and his wife Rayna, and Mike Resnick, a belated birthday celebration for me, since Harry and Mike couldn’t come to Colorado for the official party. After dinner, we went to a formal party to celebrate the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight, the first human in space.

With Mike Resnick and Yuri Gagarin space art

Harry Kloor and Mike Resnick must be impressed by my ray gun and spaceman hat

Kevin J. Anderson, Mike Resnick, Dr. Harry Kloor, Bill Nye the Science Guy

When we got back to our hotel room, Rebecca and I discovered that the Writers of the Future people had set up their own special birthday stunt—sneaking into our room and stacking up a pyramid of 50 cans of assorted beers (for my 50th birthday).  Quite a wonderful surprise (and plenty of beer with which to be generous for the next few nights.)

In between obligations, I found working areas in the hotel to finish up my revisions and fourth-draft edit of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: THE NOVEL. Twice, I was able to sneak out to get a coveted In-N-Out Burger for Rebecca and me. On Saturday for lunch, our friend Doane Perry, the drummer for Jethro Tull, drove up to meet us and we drove to Santa Monica for a great Indian meal, hours of conversation…and then back to Hollywood for rehearsal of the Writers of the Future Awards ceremonies.

Sunday night we attended the Awards (always glitzy, always glamorous, always very satisfying). You can see the full details of the ceremony at the Writers of the Future website. Carolyn Clink took the following photo of all the judges preparing for the event.

After we came home, we learned the sad news that Writers of the Future coordinating judge and long-time workshop instructor K.D. WENTWORTH had passed away. She was an excellent teacher, dedicated to helping new writers, and was responsible for launching the careers of many successful writers.  You can read a fine appreciation of her at K.D. Wentworth.