New 3-Book Contract: DEATH WARMED OVER

It’s been years since I took a break from my books under contract to write a novel that so grabbed me, so captivated my imagination that I had to put all other projects On Pause until I wrote it.  The last one to do that for me was CAPTAIN NEMO.

Now, I’ve just finished a delightful humorous horror novel about a zombie PI and his bleeding-heart human lawyer partner, working to solve cases in the “Unnatural Quarter”—the monster part of town. Dan Chambeaux (the detective who has been murdered but came back from the dead) and his lawyer partner, Robin Deyer, have an unnatural caseload: a mummy suing to be emancipated from the museum because he’s a person, not property; two witches, one of whom has suffered a tragic accident from a misprint in a spell book, trying to get restitution from the publisher who didn’t bother to run a “spell check,” Miranda Jekyll, who is seeking a divorce from her abusive husband, a skittish vampire who sees threatening stakes everywhere and is sure someone is trying to kill him, a harassed family trying to put a restraining order on the ghost of their rowdy uncle. It’s all a day on the job for Chambeaux & Deyer (“Shamble and Die” as the snide media calls them).

I came up with this book in one full burst of creativity, dropped everything, and wrote it in a month. My agent loved it, submitted it to 18 publishers, and we got a very enthusiastic deal from Kensington, where the editor loved it so much that she wanted three books on the spot.

DEATH WARMED OVER is the first book in the series, to be out in fall 2012 (a few months after the publication of BLOOD LITE 3: AFTERTASTE), with all three books to be released approximately four months apart. This is laugh-out-loud funny stuff, and I loved writing the first one, just about to start on the second one, UNNATURAL ACTS…very different from the massive 800-page Terra Incognita, Seven Suns, Dune, or Hellhole epics (not that I’ve stopped writing those).  I hope  you enjoy DEATH WARMED OVER when it comes out.