One Piece at a Time: THE DRAGON BUSINESS now being offered as a Kindle Serial

This is an innovative way to read a story.  I was invited to be one of the authors in the new Amazon Kindle Serials program, where readers will get a new book of mine one piece at a time, each week for eight weeks.

Kindle Serials commissioned me to write THE DRAGON BUSINESS, which I blogged about as I produced it during the summer. This is a hilarious fantasy spoof about a group of medieval con men who travel from kingdom to kingdom selling their services as dragonslayers…even though there’s no dragon.  For fans of the Dan Shamble books, you’ll particularly love this.

The model is interesting: You pay $1.99 and get the first part, which is now available, and then every week the next part will be automatically downloaded into your Kindle.  There is no additional charge.  When all the chapters are available, then amazon will  release the print version of the book via their 47North imprint.

THE DRAGON BUSINESS is fundamentally episodic in nature, fast-paced and funny, so I thought it was appropriate for reading as a serial:

King Cullin may be known as “the Dragon Slayer,” but he fears his son’s legacy will be as “King Maurice Who Speaks with Proper Grammar.” The boy keeps his nose buried in parchments, starry-eyed at the idea of noble knights and eager to hand royal gold to any con man hawking a unicorn horn. Tonight, though, Cullin will educate the prince in the truth behind minstrels’ silly songs of glory…

Long ago, in a kingdom, well, not that far from here really, young Cullin traveled the countryside as squire to brave Sir Dalbry, along with Dalbry’s trusted sidekick Reeger, selling dragon-protection services to every kingdom with a coffer. There were no dragons, of course, but with a collection of severed alligator heads and a willingness to play dirty, the trio of con men was crushing the competition. Then along came Princess Affonyl.

Tomboyish and with a head for alchemy, Affonyl faked a dragon of her own, escaped her arranged marriage, and threw in with Cullin and company. But with her father sending a crew of do-gooder knights to find her, the dragon business just got cutthroat.

Download the first part and start reading here.