The SISTERHOOD OF DUNE tour began on January 3. Brian spent the day going around Seattle signing stock in area bookstores, while I hit the stores in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder (14 bookstores in all).  That evening’s event at Barnes & Noble drew 55 people, including 15 fully costumed Star Wars fans.  (Yes, it was a Dune signing, but I’ve done 54 Star Wars books as well, and many of the SW fans are also big Dune fans.  I love it when they come out to support the events.)

Next day I was off to Minneapolis while Brian went to Portland.  I signed the stock in the area bookstores, then did my evening event at famed specialty SF story, Uncle Hugo’s.  Thursday, while Brian took the train down to Sacramento, I did the Chicago area (15 bookstores in the vicinity) and gave a talk at the Fremont Public Library in Mundelein, and afterward had dinner with Dave and Denise Dorman and other friends at a Chicago microbrewery.

Friday, off to Dayton, OH for more book signings and an evening event at Books & Co, also with a group of 501sters, and another one today in Cincinnati.  Brian had a very crowded event in Sacramento last night, and he is on the train to LA for his Redondo Beach event (at Mysterious Galaxy)—he even called me to check in while I was giving my talk in Cincinnati (said Hi to the audience and told me to remind them to turn off their cell phones!)  Now, I’m about to have dinner with Mike, Carol, and Laura Resnick.  Tomorrow, I head to Atlanta for my next signing…

These are some photos that fans have shared with me.  We’re signing a lot of books and having a lot of fun. Brian and I hope to see you at one of our remaining events.