Sisterhood of Dune Tour Schedule Announced!

Jan 3, Tuesday
DENVER: Kevin—B&N, Lone Tree, CO/7pm
SEATTLE: Brian—University Bookstore, Seattle, WA /7pm

Jan 4, Wednesday
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Kevin—Uncle Hugo’s/5:30 PM
PORTLAND, OR: Brian—Powells Books/7pm

Jan 5, Thursday
CHICAGO area: Kevin—Fremont library, Mundelein IL/7pm

Jan 6, Friday
DAYTON, OH: Kevin—Books & Co at the Greene/7pm

Jan 7, Saturday
CINCINNATI, OH: Kevin—Joseph-Beth Bookselllers/1 PM

Jan 8, Sunday
ATLANTA (Decatur): Kevin—Eagle Eye Bookstore/2 PM
REDONDO BEACH, CA: Brian—Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach/2:30pm

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