TAU CETI—free SF download for Kindle

My hard-SF novella TAU CETI is now available for free Kindle download, courtesy of the publisher Arc Manor, along with a sequel novelette written by Steven Savile.

Jorie Taylor has lived her whole life on the generation ship Beacon. Fleeing an Earth tearing itself apart from its exhaustive demand for resources, the Beacon is finally approaching Sarbras, the planet circling Tau Ceti they hope to make humanity’s new home.

But Earth has recovered from its near-death experience and is now under the control of a ruthless dictator whose sights are set on Tau Ceti as well. President Jurudu knows how to get what he wants—and he wants Sarbras.

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Printed trade paperbacks are available for only $7  direct from Arc Manor.  (Other eBook formats will be available after this promotion is over.)